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Welcome to Alynx

Alynx is a branding agency located in downtown Toronto, Canada. Alynx specializes in brand graphic design, developing the look and feel of your entire company's image.

Good brand design creates trust, which matters greatly. The difference between your company's brand and a close competitor is always the details. learn more →

Bahnmann Timber Branding

Complete brand design for a live-edge wood business on Vancouver Island.

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Boris Branding

Complete brand design for one of Toronto's most successful luxury real estate agents.

View Boris Kholodov Branding  >
Momondo Visual Assets

A series of basic infographic illustrations for travel company Momondo.

View Momondo Infographic Assets  >
Spore Studios Brand

Logo design and basic branding for a digital studio from Prince Edward Island, Canada.

View Spore Studios Branding  >
Photo Op Branding

Branding for a fine art photography site, including logo, package design and more.

View Photo Op Branding  >
RogersĀ® Digital Offering

A series of logos, illustrations and icons to support an experimental digital offering by RogersĀ® Communications.

View Rogers® Visual Assets  >
Logos by Alynx

Logo design for a clothing company, digital brands, a law firm, and more.

View The 6rightest Brand Photos   >
Logos by Alynx

Logo design for a clothing company, digital brands, a law firm, and more.

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Latest Blog Post

Have you ever wondered why some businesses that offer similar products or services to your company are able to charge more? Read on to discover why creative branding can allow your company to charge, and earn, what it deserves.?

When it comes to branding and design, one of the most important aspects to consider is increasing trust in your company and its offering. The more prospects trust your company, the more likely they are to part with their hard-earned money. The more they see your company as an industry leader, the more likely it is that they will feel your company has a superior offering. read more →

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