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Srategic brand Design.™


Welcome to the Alynx website. I design brand identities for businesses, products, and personalities.

Design That Works

Design should be attractive and interesting, but most of all it should work to achieve real-world objectives. learn more →


Bahnmann Timber Branding

Complete brand design for a live-edge wood business on Vancouver Island.

Logos by Alynx

Logo design for a clothing company, digital brands, a law firm, and more.

Boris Branding

Complete brand design for one of Toronto's most successful luxury real estate agents.

Photo Op Branding

Branding for a fine art photography site, including logo, package design and more.

RogersĀ® Digital Offering

A series of logos, illustrations and icons to support an experimental digital offering by RogersĀ® Communications.

Momondo Visual Assets

A series of basic infographic illustrations for travel company Momondo.

Spore Studios Brand

Logo design and basic branding for a digital studio from Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Latest Blog Post

Effective Branding: Why Process Matters

Your prospect is trying to decide between you and a competitor. It's apples vs oranges. This is when details become important.

This is when your prospect is looking for reasons why they should choose you over the competition. They are wondering what makes your business more trustworthy, higher quality, and more reliable. read more →

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New brands have a steep hill to climb.

There is a learning curve that must be overcome by the company owner: coming to grips with what truly works for their brand, and implementing changes that allow the #brand to flourish.

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Good #brands are not like fireworks. They are more like castles.

Fireworks explode and disappear quickly. Castles take years to build, and provide stability and protection.

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