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Alynx is a branding agency located in downtown Toronto, Canada. Alynx specializes in brand graphic design, developing the look and feel of your entire company's image.

Good brand design creates trust, which matters greatly. The difference between your company's brand and a close competitor is always the details. learn more →

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Photo Op Branding
Rogers® Visual Assets
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Alynx Smart Brand Tool™

Through experimention at our Toronto agency, we developed the Alynx Smart Brand Tool to help you understand the best visual direction for your brand. Whether your company offers a service or a product, our descriptions will give you recommended design styles based on intelligent questions.

There are four questions to bring your brand into focus (the process takes less than a minute to complete). After you have answered all 4 questions, you will be shown one of sixteen brand personas to help you visualize your company's new brand.

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What is branding?

As the owner of a small or medium-sized business you may be aware of the importance of marketing and design. You probably already have a logo for your business. At best, you have a strong brand that extends to every part of your company. The question you may be struggling with: what is branding?

There is also the question of whether branding is right for your business. In this blog post I will give you a breakdown of what branding is and how it can improve the marketing systems you may already have in place.

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