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Hey, I'm Alex

I’m always busy filling my mind with design ideas. Growing up on the West Coast, I heard the ocean each day and watched the sun disappear behind the mountains each evening. Now, living in Toronto, my inspiration comes from the rush of the city, its motivated individuals and the opportunities it provides.

From being a big fish in Victoria I moved to the whirlpool that is downtown Toronto. I quickly learned how to compete. I know what it’s like to take on the big guys — that’s why I believe in small businesses and I focus my time on helping them grow. I support altruistic missions, unique ideals and the interesting worldviews of small companies.

From the moment I began my career, I knew I wanted to help small and medium sized businesses through graphic design for brands.

I love design because it has the power to move you. It communicates in meaningful ways. It transports you beyond the mundane, and inspires.

Where does your business need to be?

I’ll help you get there.

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