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Main question: does it do what it's meant to?


Here at Alynx I believe in design that matters most to the people who buy it: your prospects. If it needs to be elegant, I design it to be elegant. If it needs to be friendly, I design it to be friendly. If it needs to be trustworthy-dynamic-modern-bold, I design it to be trustworthy-dynamic-modern-bold.

When I create work for my clients I develop a series of parameters that help me focus on developing effective solutions. This requires intermittent feedback from my clients and multiple reviews. I enjoy discussion and strategy talk: I find it to be the most uplifting and exciting part of my work. My clients do too.

Who is Alynx (uh-links)?
Alynx was founded in 2017 by me, Alex Banman. I have 5 years experience in brand and marketing design, and have worked at various agencies in Toronto and for various clients across Canada. I am known for having 2-hour-long discussions with my clients. You can see my LinkedIn profile here.

Alynx is located in downtown Toronto, Canada in a revitalized neighbourhood where numerous small businesses and boutique cafes abound.


Brand Design

Alynx strategic brand design includes logo, brand identity, web and brand guidelines design. Alynx also offers other branding and marketing services to enhance your company's image and help it reach more prospects.

If your company or project needs a new brand identity let’s talk.

More Services by Alynx

Package Design
Publication Design
Copy Writing
Web Analytics and Optimization
Slogan Development
Google Ads Marketing
Search Engine Optimization
And More