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Brand Benefits

There are four main benefits of quality branding. These are trust, desirability, recognition and an increase in sales.


Gaining a prospect's trust is one of the most difficult challenges to overcome. Once a prospects trust is gained, converting them into a paying customer becomes much easier. With the right branding your company can gain the trust of your propects more quickly, allowing it to overcome friction and make more sales.

Most people prefer to buy and associate with companies that are visually and idealistically appealing. The cleaner and more desirable your company brand appears, the more likely it is that prospects will want to associate with it, and be proud to be associated with it. Once a prospect becomes a buyer, they also become a brand ambassador.

Often prospects need time to make a purchase: when they remember that they need a product or service, you will want them to remember your company's offering. Ideally, you want them to remember and prefer your company's offering. A strong brand not only sticks in people's minds, it stirs emotions that create positive associations. An effective brand will cause more prospects to remember your business positively.

Trust, desirability and recognition are all important. So is the bottom line. Your brand's purpose is not only to attract prospects and grab their interest, but also to bring them to the finish line: making a purchase. The culmination of the first three positive brand benefits is an increase in amount of sales.

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