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Elżbieta Chmiel approached Alynx to develop a branded photographic style for her newly- founded blog, The 6rightest. Her site documents Toronto's newest startups and entrepreneurs.

Through discussion Elżbieta and Alynx agreed a semi-gritty, bold look would be appropriate to convey the hard-work lifestyle of the Toronto entrepreneur. During live interviews Alynx successfully captured candid moments, skillfully communicating the personalities of Elżbieta and her interviewees.

The photography process is fascniating, during both the shooting and editing phases. The shooting phase can be challenging, especially when you have two people talking at once. Many shots are required to get a few usable photos.

During editing is when the real magic happens: we are repeatedly rewarded with candid photos that captivate the viewer and feel surprisingly alive. Alynx is grateful to have worked with Elżbieta to pioneer this unique style for her brand.

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